Projects and colaborations

The Times of Ahmad, initiated in 2006, is an umbrella publication for several sister organs and multiple ongoing collaborations with other publications:

  • Ahmadiyya Times: A sister publication (closed)
  • Al-Ufaq: A sister publication
  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Times: A sister publications
  • Islam Ahmadiyya Int'l News: A sister publication
  • Christ in Kashmir: A website 
  • Jesus in India: Originally an individual effort since 1987, is now a project collaboration between Christ in Kashmir and The Times of Ahmad
  • Khalifa of Islam: Originally an individual effort by the founder since 1998, was assumed as a project collaboration between Ahmadiyya Times, Al-Ufaq and The Times of Ahmad.
  • Darul Aman: A project collaboration between Al-Ufaq and The Times of Ahmad
  • Persecution Watch: A project collaboration between The Times of Ahmad and founder Imran Jattala